Sense8- I felt obligated to give this show a chance since the leads aren’t white men (and um, Doona Bae????) I generally don’t gravitate towards shows like this, but I love this show. Definitely one to check out on Netflix.*

*There are rumors about cancellation? Unclear


Women Who Draw- This is an open directory of artists that identify as women. It was created to increase visibility of artists that are traditionally ignored in our mainstream culture and you can sort through artists by certain filters (like “race” or “orientation”). I love having that capability and I’ve found some really cool artists this way.

View the directory here:

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.15.04 AM



Edward Avila- Lately I’ve been binge watching Edward Avila. He reviews a lot of Korean makeup brands which I really don’t know anything about but have since bought a ton of stuff after watching his videos (whoops) he has a very Koreanized makeup preference but he is so easy to watch eps as a Korean girl in the US. He’s also kind of hilarious.

Lady Aiko- She’s a kickass street artist that uses love as the center of her life and her art. She’s changing the stereotypes of street art and breaking down barriers for women and women of color


Henn Kim- I was browsing Instagram one day and found this amazing illustrator. Her work is simple and linear and seriously amazing. She illustrates a lot of cool girls and floral. Her work, to me, really speaks about growth and the beauty of the minds and souls of women and the heart of the universe.

You can find her on Instagram @henn_kim



Posted by:Joanne Lee

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